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Giving Wednesdays

  • August 12, 2020
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • 514 N. Old Statesville Road, Huntersville

Let's put some ski and snowboard energy together and gather up some food and supplies for those in need. Angels and Sparrows has especially urgent needs during the COVID19 crisis, and all it takes is a bit of extra purchasing while you shop. Items needed are non-perishables — Campbell's Soup, canned tuna, box macaroni and cheese, nitrile gloves, canned baked beans, concord grape jelly, etc. If you wish to bake cookies — YUM! — please do not frost, and place servings in plastic baggies.

Click here to see (and purchase, if you prefer online shopping) an updated list of items shown on the Amazon site. You can bring your purchases to 514 N. Old Statesville Road, Huntersville. Angels and Sparrows shares a driveway with New Friendship Presbyterian Church at the intersection of Ramah Church Road & 115. Sometimes, the entrance gate is shut, but not locked. You may open the gate to deliver donations, but please close it when you are leaving.

As part of our Club Food Drive, please drop off your purchases Wednesday morning, between 10 am and noon, and if possible add a note "from Charlotte Ski and Snowboard Club" so we can see how much our athletes and snow-lovers can bring some focused good energy to the community.

Local drop offs:

If you are south of Charlotte, you can get your goods to Robin S to deliver. Contact Robin at ‭571-276-6747

If you are north of Charlotte, you can get your goods to Mary C to deliver. Contact Mary at 734-761-5734

Learn more about Angels and Sparrows. They are also looking for help with weeding and lawns work. 


Charlotte Ski and Snowboard Club
PO Box 11771, Charlotte, NC 28220-1771
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