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Crescent Ski Council - August President's Letter

August 05, 2022 10:13 AM | Anonymous


Mary Anne Koltowich

It has been a hot summer here with me, with a lot of rain and storms recently. Please stay safe out there – If you hear thunder, you can be struck by lightning.

Of major importance, the Crescent Website is currently not able to be updated. Our webmaster’s computer crashed, and the ancient website software went with it. I appreciate Lisa Beregi with communicating trip information to our clubs’ trip leaders as a work-around. See more about our new Crescent website below in the Member Services section.

On a sad note, long-time friend and supporter of Crescent, Stephen Hall, owner of SkiGroup, passed away July 7, 2022. He’s been with us for years, attending Spring Conventions, including this year, and Fall Conferences, and running many trips for the Council and its Clubs. He will be greatly missed.

A reminder to all you club Crescent Reps out there. We will have a specially called Board Meeting on August 18, 2022 to discuss the new Crescent Club Express website platform and to present a proposed budget revision to add funds to cover the expenses associated with Club Express.

To share more about our clubs, I am adding a new section to the President’s Update – The Club Corner. Some of you have sent updates about what your clubs are doing. If members from other clubs happen to be in town or interested in possibly attending these club events (subject to the club’s participation rules), then they can contact the respective club for details. Other items are shared to give other clubs ideas as to meetings, activities, events, etc.

OK, there have been some discussions regarding how much income Crescent gets, particularly from conferences/conventions. Some people believe Crescent is making too much profit. While an understandable perception, it is not true. Please realize that both the Fall Conference and Spring Convention are budgeted to make a modest income to support all of Crescent’s functions and operations. Club dues alone for FY23 only accounts for about 27% of what is needed to run Crescent administratively. Racing income does not completely cover total expenses (note that COVID has really impacted these costs). Trips only adds $5 per trip participant to help cover administration expenses. ExComm watches this budget closely to ensure expenses are kept under control and cut costs when possible. Over the last 10 years (2012-2022), Crescent has spent over $19,000 in reserves (meaning we have about $19,000 less now than we did in 2012). Every year’s budget is brought before the Board for approval, along with reports from our Treasurer that detail how Crescent actually performed when compared to the approved budget. Our budget reflects more that people pay for what they participate in (and getting the benefit from), instead of everyone paying some same amount and not getting the benefits. Crescent still has a healthy amount of money in reserves, and those reserves are needed to help with unanticipated circumstances and to weather future financial “storms.”

VICE PRESIDENT (Michelle Shuford)

The Future of Conventions Committee had its first virtual meeting July 17th . Lot’s of good ideas are being formulated. We’ll catch everyone up once details are available Thank you to: Mary Anne Koltowich (Knoxville), Margaret Jordan (Columbia), Jodi Stephens (Huntsville), Jennifer Emch (Knoxville), Carol Mustaleski (Knoxville) & Frances Edwards (ETMM) for taking the time to meet. We would love some other voices so please reach out to me if you would like to be on this committee.

Looking forward to seeing you in the Fall in Gatlinburg.

We plan to meet again on August 22.

TREASURER (Ellen Cortright)

We are one month away from the annual Crescent dues invoicing. I each club should be prepared with an electronic list (preferably in worksheet format) of members identified as adult or junior. This list should be all inclusive - if your club has family memberships, each member of the family should be listed individually.

The member list and the dues should be submitted within 60 days (on or before November 1).

CONVENTIONS (Vacant, report by Mary Anne Koltowich)

Spring Convention 2022 – We have closed the books on Spring Convention 2022. It took a little while to settle the finances with Embassy Suites/Kingston Plantation. I want to make sure that a huge thanks goes to Cameron Andrews for planning and coordinating a successful convention for all. Also, I want to thank Ellen Cortright for working closely with Cameron on the convention financials that enabled Crescent to realize a nice profit for Crescent, instead of a loss that could have easily happened. With that said, please realize that both the Fall Conference and Spring Convention are budgeted to make a modest income that supports all of Crescent’s functions and operations.

Spring Convention 2023 - Mark those calendars now for 2023 – April 27-30!

Fall Conference 2022 - We will be at the Glenstone in Gatlinburg, TN Friday, October 28 – Sunday, October 30. The standard room rate is $109 + taxes. The schedule, lodging, and registration information was sent out to you all last week. You make your own reservations online with the hotel as in previous years. I have already heard from a couple of clubs about bringing a small crowd! This is exciting, and we hope your clubs will support a big turnout too. Our vendors would surely appreciate it! Much thanks to Jodi Stephens (Huntsville) and Jennifer Emch (Knoxville) for taking on coordinator support roles. Jodi will be doing a lot of the food and beverage, and Jennifer will be taking care of registrations.

We hold an Administrative Meeting on Saturday morning. If there are any topics your club would like to address, please send those to me at fall.conference@crescentskicouncil.org

Mary Anne Koltowich, Fall Conference Coordinator

TRIPS (Lisa Beregi)

Summer is quickly going by - have your members signed up for this season's ski trips?

Steamboat Race and Learn to Ski Camp - As of July 20th we had 105 registered and continue to get at least one more daily! Sports America Tours is running this trip, and registration is open until October 1st. 

Jackson Hole January Ski Week - Stephen Hall, Skigroup.net President passed away July 7th. This is a huge loss to the ski industry and Crescent as Stephen has supported us for decades. I have been working with Skigroup as they are working out all the details and changing over trip contacts, etc. They have been great to take care of our registration corrections, and we will have a new direct contact assigned to us for mid August that will help out with questions, etc. The trip is selling nicely so continue to have your members sign up.

For those that are going on the trip and using an IKON pass, reservations are needed for lift tickets at Jackson Hole. IKON reservations open on August 1st. 

Club Trip List - If your members can't make your club trip due to date conflicts, or destination but are looking for a trip, please have them go look at the club trip list - they may find they can travel with another Crescent club.

RFPs - The deadline for tour operators/companies to submit their proposals was July 15th. We have several submissions for both the Alaska Cruise and Iceland Tour. We also have several domestic destination proposals for the 2024 Ski Week. Looks like a busy August for the bid committee!

NOTE - Please direct your members to the Crescent website to get trip information and links to registration, or contact your club's trip leader. Currently, there is not a functional reservation link for the Jackson Hole trip, but your trip leaders have this information.

RACING (Rich Mead)

Not much racing news to report in the middle of the summer, though a few Crescent racers got in some real snow training at Mt Hood during July. There's been a renewed interest in the Professional Ski Instructors Association (PSIA) Skate-to-Ski program in association with Rollerblade. In line skates have been in short supply until recently but are now back in stock at several dealers. https://www.rollerblade.com/usa/en/skate-to-ski

Remember when you strap on the skates to also wear protective gear--helmet, and wrist, elbow and knee guards. Pavement is not as forgiving as snow!

If you're thinking of getting new skis this season, now's the time to shop. Inventories are expected to be tight due to factory closures due to fires and Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Top Five Fridays: July 22, 2022 - Chairlift Chat (skiessentials.com)
Russian Invasion of Ukraine Disrupts Ski Manufacture - PlanetSKI


Website. The Member Services subcommittee, Ad Hoc Website Committee, met via Zoom on August 3, 2022 to review the status of the 60-day Free Trial of ClubExpress. The work of this committee has assumed a new urgency due to the recent crash of the computer that houses the software used to maintain the current Crescent Website.

The Ad Hoc will present its work to ExComm via Zoom on August 8, 2022 and request ExComm’s approval to then present the work, and associated budget, to the Board of Directors.

The 30-day notice having been previously given to the Board, the request to the Board for the budget change + presentation of the new website, also via Zoom, is scheduled for August 18, 2022.

Upon approval of the changes to the Member Services Committee budget, our next steps will be to end the 60 Day Trial ahead of schedule (it expires September 1) and “go live.” Upon going live and making sure the new website is working, we will retire the current website.

Database. Partly due to the urgency mentioned above, and partly because the new website will incorporate significant new features and functionality, we anticipate that a period of fleshing out the new website will be needed to fully implement the new functionality. It is anticipated that one consequence of the new functionality will be elimination of the other experiment that is underway with the Database, specifically, we will no longer need Google Sheets for possible maintenance of the Database.

Stay tuned…..

Social Media. The Jackson Hole trip information has been sent out, so that will get posted to our Facebook pages. Go to the Crescent Racing page for news about the U.S. Summer Fun Nationals at Mt. Hood (hint: One of our Crescent Racers was there). We’ll be following the clubs and posting their trip info. Reminder, if any clubs need help selling their trips, let me know, and they will get on the Facebook page for Crescent.

Please get those pictures of club events coming in. Some summer events have already been posted. Please tag @crescentski on your events and pictures.

Any ideas or suggestions for social media are always welcome and send to:

Pat Harvey

Social Media, Crescent Ski Council
Email: crescentpastpres@gmail.com

CLUB CORNER (By Our Clubs)

Check out our clubs’ websites/newsletters for more information.

Winston-Salem Ski & Outing Club – Club meeting July 21 at the Mast General Store to see their new things and then walked to a local restaurant for dinner and drinks.

Asheville Ski Club – August Social August 9 at the Meadow at Highland Brewing.

Charlotte Ski and Snowboard Club – Whitewater rafting trip with Ace Adventure Resort on August 19

Knoxville Ski & Outing Club – First Annual Ski-Palooza September 11 at the Barrelhouse by Gypsy Circus


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