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Crescent Ski Council - December President's Letter

December 02, 2022 9:36 AM | Anonymous


Mary Anne Koltowich

As my first meeting as CSC President, your CSC Executive Committee (ExComm) had its meeting on Friday afternoon. We’ve had a number of challenging issues to address since officer elections were held last April. The Conventions Chair had to resign due to personal reasons. The chair of the subcommittee for By-Laws revisions had to step down from this position. The Past President resigned during the summer, again, for personal reasons. About two weeks before this conference, our Secretary Lynn Wise took on a permanent work job that will require many weekends of additional training, preventing her from fulfilling her duties. There were unforeseen circumstances affecting Crescent trips. We are working through these challenges and resolved several of these during the weekend due to the hard work of our ExComm members and the CSC Board members.

We have approved a new Conventions Chair, Jodi Stephens, from the Huntsville Ski Club. Jodi has extensive experience with organizing and coordinating large events, and she h as been learning her position over the summer. Jodi took care of our food and meal needs this past weekend. Jennifer Emch, from the Knoxville Ski & Outing Club, is approved to take over the position of Fall Conference Coordinator (taking over from me). Jennifer has been invaluable with performing several of the duties of this Fall Conference, including registration, lodging, and decorations. Pat Harvey, one of our Past Presidents, was approved to take over the position of Past President and to also take ove r the ByLaws subcommittee. Several questions regarding trips were discussed and solutions agreed to during the Trips Committee meeting. The Racing meeting was able to work on this upcoming season’s race weekends.

Of special note: We are looking for a new CSC Secretary. Lynn Wise has already drafted both the ExComm and Board meeting minutes from this past weekend, so we are thankful to Lynn for that. Frances Edwards has graciously agreed to be the acting Secretary until a permanent person can be found. She has already been working to finalize our ExComm and Board meeting minutes. We really need your help, so please consider serving and making some new friends.

Another special note: Michelle will not be seeking reelection as VP in the Spring of 2023. She cited that she gave some hard thought into whether she want to eventually seek election as President and has decided that is not her goal at this time. She does not want to occupy the position as she feels it is a training position for the eventual running for the Presidency. I know there are a number of you out there that would really make a good VP for Crescent, so please let me know if you are interested.

Our Board passed a ByLaws revision to do some cleanup on consistent language and clearer direction on how to designate CSC Representatives and alternates for meetings. This was my first time presiding over a Board meeting, and we are fortunate to hav e such good people on our Board willing to work hard, listen, and make good decisions. I am proud and honored to be your Crescent Ski Council President.

A huge thanks goes to Kerri Crawford of the Augusta Ski & Outing Club, who handed over a printer that was no longer needed by racing. It has been given to our Treasurer Ellen Cortright for CSC use.

On a sadder note, please remember Helen Ries of the Kanawha Ski Club. Helen wanted to be remembered as Happy Healthy Helen – Best of the West-Femail-2008 Mammoth. Helen passed away Saturday, November 5, 2022, from cancer.

Bryan Bobo of the Spartanburg Ski & Outing Club, passed away Monday, November 7, 2023, from health issues. Bryan worked many years behind the scenes at our Spring Conventions. Keep his wife Brenda and his family in your thoughts and prayers. Flowers were sent to his service and a tree will be planted in his memory on behalf of the Crescent Ski Council.

I am looking forward to seeing many of you out in Colorado at Steamboat Springs December 310, 2022 for our Crescent Ski Council week of skiing, sliding, and fun.

CONVENTIONS (Report by Mary Anne Koltowich)

2022 Fall Leadership & Training Conference, October 28-30, 2022

Another fun and productive CSC Fall Conference is in the books. It was a glorious weekend in Gatlinburg, TN with beautiful leaves and wonderful weather. Seventeen of our CSC clubs were represented, and we conducted our Trips, Racing, and Administrative meetings. A lot of business and good discussions were completed on Saturday morning and early afternoon. That evening we held our Trade Show with vendors from ski resorts and tour operators, along with lots of good food and drink. Our vendors had much to offer, both for club group trips and for individuals wanting adventure. We also heard from Mark Adams, new in his position of head of marketing for Ober Adventures. He described exciting plans for the mountain, including expanding skiing territory, upgrading and modernizing the lodge, installing more snowmaking, and even building a hotel on top of Ober. Ober has new owners, who are local and also own Ole Smokey (moonshine and whiskey) and Yee Haw beer. Crescent and Ober Gatlinburg are looking forward to a renewed relationship and working together in the future.

After the Trade Show, desserts and more good drink were brought out for our Saturday Night DJ Dance Party. Great music from our favorite DJ “Gigdog” and some UT vs Kentucky football on the TV made for fun exercise and a win for the VOLS!

On the financial side, we did not make the income expected from our Trade Show tables, sponsorships, and registrations, which amounted to almost $2600 less than expected. However, working with the Glenstone and cutting some other conference expenses, saved us almost $1100 in costs. In the end, CSC was able to make about $2800 net income. This will help with CSC’s ability to meet other administrative financial obligations.

Much thanks to Frances Edwards (Trade Show Coordinator), Jennifer Emch (Registration Facilitator), Jodi Stephens (Food & Beverage Facilitator), and particularly hubby Jim Smith for all they did to make our Fall Conference a success.

Spring Convention:

I want to introduce myself to the rest of the Crescent Ski Council. I am Jodi Stephens, and I have been the President of the Huntsville Ski Club for the last seven years. I am honored to be voted in as the CSC 2023 Spring Convention Coordinator and as the Conventions Chair. I am working closely with Michelle Shuford to learn everything she has been doing for many years.

I’m sure you wonder why anyone would volunteer to take on such a vast project. Still, event planning is something I do second nature. I was a professional event planner for 14 years. I coordinated exhibitors, meetings, symposiums, workshops, and huge (800 attendees) formal dinners with speakers, senior executive military, government employees, and CEOs during that time.

After retiring from that position, I continue to work with my favorite local organizations to do the same.

I look forward to working with you all and having a successful, fun 2023 Spring Convention. Dates for the 2023 Spring Conventions are April 27-30, 2023. We are again at the Kington Plantation in Myrtle Beach, SC. The needed forms are included on our website and included with this President’s Update.

TRIPS (Lisa Beregi)

You cannot rely on the weather, and you should never make it part of your decision on a ski trip. It is the one (well airlines are now tied with it) thing we have no control over.

Steamboat Race and Learn to Ski Camp - As around 150 participants are preparing for next week’s 39th Annual event, Thanksgiving opening last week was the largest terrain on opening day since 2014. Weather forecast is for a foot of snow this Thursday and more over the weekend. Looking good for those that endured the lack of snow last year, they are making up for it this year!

Jackson Hole Ski Week - Also sitting around 150 participants, this trip has had a lot of interest. Everything is set for a great week. December 10th is the deadline for those to going to make any final changes, make final payment and have your flight information to ( to have transfers included.

2024 Adventure Trip - The clubs have voted and the count is it - we will be going to Iceland in spring 2024 with Collette!

RACING (Rich Mead)

We are preparing for the start of racing season in December. The NASTAR contract has been renewed and payment submitted. Racer fees are being collected from clubs. Sponsorship credit sheets have been produced and distributed to Race Directors.

North Carolina ski areas are open!!


Website General: Our new website on ClubExpress continues to work well, overall. We have the email addresses accurate now, but we are seeing occasional bounces. Now that our addresses are accurate, the predominant reasons include “mailbox full”, “refused by server”, “sent to spam folder”. We are seeing “refused by server” especially when emails are business addresses. Personal email addresses instead of business addresses usually solve this problem. Also helpful, club officials can add ClubExpress’s outgoing server address to their Contacts list:

Website Last Minute Trip Openings: This new feature with a drop-down menu is working well. Please send all requests to Lisa Beregi (Trips Chair) and adhere to her instructions regarding format, timing and content. We want this feature to help fill spaces on club trips when deadlines are looming; this is not intended as a substitute for clubs’ regular trip promotions and is a supplement to, not a substitute for, the Club Trips list that Lisa also maintains (and is also available on the website).

Website Documents: We are working on ways to store Crescent Policies & Procedures on the website in a way that limits access to only authorized users (i.e., not the general public). Watch for details in the near future.

Website Database Updates: Please send all changes in club officers, directors, coordinators, etc. to Ken Lumsden

There is no need to send your entire roster unless you have multiple changes. Please arrange your content along these lines:

DELETE: (name/email address/phone number/club role)
ADD: (name/email address/phone number/club role)
CHANGE FORMER (name/email address/phone number/club role) to CURRENT (name/email address/phone number/club role)

Website Synchronization: Clubs who also use ClubExpress as their platform, or any clubs considering changing to ClubExpress, can synchronize their content with Crescent notices. We were introduced to this feature, called “syndication”, via a recent Zoom with ClubExpress. ClubExpress is offering a special waiver of the “placeholder” fee for this feature, + $30/month hosting fee for any club who wants to adopt syndication. Please contact Ken Lumsden for details.

Social Media

All the mega November snow reports and news of so many early ski resort openings is making it so easy for us to share the posts and make us wishing we were there. Crescent’s annual ski, ride & race camp is les than 2 weeks away and it’s looking like it’ll be the best conditions in years. Tag @crescentski on all your pictures. We’ll share all we can.

And we now have a Facebook group set up for our members to post skis, ski boots, ski jackets, gloves, helmets, or any slightly used gear for sale. Check out Crescent Ski Council Ski Marketplace on Facebook. Post your ski gear and equipment you’d like to sell. Crescent wants to be the middleman to help you sell and buy anything ski-related. Spread the word to your club members. Any questions or suggestions, let me know. Let’s make this an added benefit for our members.

Additionally, we want more racers involved to help with the Crescent Ski Council Racing page. Contact me if you’re interested in helping with the racing page.


It’s not too early to think about getting involved and running for an office with Crescent. Due to work and personal commitments, Lynn Wise (Charlotte) had to submit her resignation as CSC Secretary after the Fall Conference. Thanks to Frances Edwards (ETMM) for agreeing to be interim Secretary. So we are looking for someone to take over that spot and run for Secretary for the 2023/24 season. Also, Michelle Shuford (Palmetto) will serve as VP for the rest of this year but won’t be continuing after her term is over in June. We are looking for someone interested in the VP position for 2023/24. Contact me if interested.

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. Keep spreading the word on our social media pages and our new Marketplace group.

Pat Harvey
Past President/Social Media Chair

CLUB CORNER (By Our Clubs)

Check out our clubs’ websites/newsletters for more information. You out there send me your club’s newsletters so we can share more ideas and activities.

Kanawha Ski Club – The October 31st meeting featured games night with folks bringing their favorite table games, like Blok Us, Charade, and Scrabble. The club is trying to get an overnight trip to Snowshoe December 5-6 with a special on lift ticket pricing at $50 (offer expired November 16th)

The club celebrated the 80th birthday of Gene Teaney on November 20. Hope Gene had a great day.

We are having the 2022 KSC Holiday Party at the Charleston Women’s Club, 1600 Virginia St., E., on December 16th, 2022, beginning at 6:30 pm. Susan Kozielec, once again, has graciously offered to prepare the ham (Using her secret recipe!) for our dining enjoyment! Thank you, Susan! KSC will provide the beverages and each of you is encouraged to bring a side dish or dessert to contribute to the affair.

Knoxville Ski & Outing Club – KSOC is excited to present a holiday party and dinner for members and guests on December 3, 2022 at the Lighthouse Knoxville located at 6800 Baum Drive, Knoxville, TN 37919. The event will start at 6:00 pm with a cocktail hour that includes 2 drinks and a charcuterie board followed by an Italian Feast at 7:00. A cash bar will be available all evening, and a DJ will provide great music for the dancing beginning at 8:00.

Huntsville Ski Club – The club meeting on November 16th featured its Ski Swap, back by popular demand. The next club hike occurred on Sunday November 20th. There will be a Christmas Luau on Saturday, December 17 with dinner and entertainment.


Charlotte Ski and Snowboard Club
PO Box 11771, Charlotte, NC 28220-1771
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