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We offer exciting skiing and snowboarding opportunities for all skill levels. 

From first-timers to seasoned pros carving trails on double blacks, the Charlotte Ski and Snowboard Club welcomes you! Our members span all ages and experience levels. Enjoy expert trip planning (and great rates) for Western ski trips and fun day trips to resorts only a few hours from Charlotte, North Carolina. Come cheer on our racers in the Crescent Ski Council Race Series, or join the team and make the slopes even more exciting! 

Not everything with the Charlotte Ski and Snowboard Club is headed downhill!

Sometimes it’s grabbing a beer together, sometimes it’s hiking or biking uphill, and sometimes it’s kayaking—but it’s always fun! We organize a variety of events, trips, and socials for people who love snow and being active outdoors year-round. Check out our Trips page and Upcoming Events page to learn more. 

We’ve been making memories together for over sixty years. 

That's an entire generation! And with your support, we’ll be around for future generations of skiers and snowboarders. We were originally founded in 1963 as the “Charlotte Ski Bees,” primarily through the efforts of Doug Little. Doug served as the first Club President and was assisted by four founding officers, including Ralph Tate, Betsy Tate, Harry Bush, and Dick Abney.

What started as a small club with 40 members has expanded into a thriving organization with over 450 members from seven continents. Of course, most of our members live in and around Charlotte, North Carolina, but it’s exciting to meet our international members during Western trips. We’re grateful to all of our Club Presidents and volunteers whose dedication, time, and energy contributed to our growth over the past six decades.

Low annual membership fees make our club’s benefits more accessible than ever. 

We’re a 501(c)(7) nonprofit organization managed by a dedicated team of volunteers. Thanks to these incredible people, we can offer affordable annual membership fees to everyone. For juniors, it’s only $7.50. Single adults can join for $30, and an entire family can enjoy all the membership perks for only $50!

Get ready to experience winter sports and the great outdoors with our fun group of friendly people — join the Charlotte Ski and Snowboard Club today!
PO Box 11771
Charlotte, NC 28220

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