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  • July 01, 2024 11:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    There are only eight days left to register for our whitewater rafting trip! Get ready for an unforgettable weekend August 8th-11th at ACE Adventure Resort in beautiful West Virginia!

    What’s on the agenda?

    • Friday Night: Meet your fellow adventurers and start the weekend with a welcome party at the cabins.
    • Saturday: Enjoy an exhilarating day of whitewater rafting, complete with a riverside lunch and a cozy campfire cookout for dinner.
    • Sunday: Relax in the charming log cabin chalets, unwind in the hot tubs, and savor the serenity before you head home.

      Don’t miss out—Monday, July 8th is the last day to register. Click the button below to secure your spot for a weekend filled with adventure and new friends!

      Join the Adventure

      Western Ski Trips

      The Carolinas are sizzling this summer, but we have the perfect solution to cool you down: our 2025 Western ski trips! Imagine carving through pristine snow and breathing in crisp mountain air.

      Exciting Destinations Await:

      • Jackson Hole: Limited spots left! Don’t miss out on this world-renowned skiing paradise.
      • Steamboat: Almost at capacity! Experience the famous Champagne Powder® and charming mountain village.
      • Schweitzer: Discover this Idaho gem with incredible terrain and breathtaking views.
      • Deer Valley/Park City: Renowned for top-tier slopes, these Utah resorts are a skier’s dream come true.
      • Alyeska: Explore stunning Alaskan views and enjoy some of the best powder in the country.

      Whether you’re a seasoned skier or a snowboarding newbie, our trips offer the perfect blend of adventure and après-ski socializing. It’s not just about the slopes; it’s about making new friends and creating unforgettable memories together.

      Want to hit the slopes with us next season? Click the graphics below for trip details and registration links. 

      Summer Events

      Calling all nature lovers! Join us on Saturday, July 13th for a leisurely paddle and guided eco-tour of the South Fork River. No kayak? No worries! You can rent one from our Catawba Riverkeeper guide. Click the graphic below and register by Tuesday, July 9th.

      Save the date (and RSVP) for our annual Summer Lake Party on Saturday, August 24th. Enjoy socializing, food, drinks, boat rides, swimming, games, and a live performance from our very own RTO Band featuring some of our members. Click the graphic below, log in to the Member Portal for all the party details, and RSVP today.

      CSC Fall Conference

      The Crescent Ski Council Fall Conference is scheduled for Friday, October 25th through Sunday, October 27th at Glenstone Lodge in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Save the date for a great fall weekend! More details coming soon. 

      Club Sponsors

      Visit our Club Sponsors page for details on discounts.

    • June 01, 2024 12:12 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

      It’s June 1st, and that means you can officially register for our 2025 ski trips! Sign up today so you can look forward to carving your way through powder-covered mountains, soaking up stunning alpine views, and making memories that last a lifetime! 

      Click the graphics below for all the exciting trip details and registration links. 

      Summer Events

      School’s out, and summer break is officially here! We planned a variety of events so there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

      Come cheer for the Charlotte Knights next Friday, June 7th at Truist Field. Or join us for wine tasting, the Charlotte Symphony summer concert, and guided kayaking eco-tour. Plus, our annual lake party is always a blast! Click the graphics below and RSVP today!

      Join or Renew Your Membership

      Annual memberships expired yesterday. Luckily, our membership fee is incredibly affordable — only $30 a year for a single adult or $50 for an entire family! 

      You probably pay more than that for Netflix and streaming services. If you spend a little with our volunteer-managed club, you get access to all these member perks:  

      Why not prioritize outdoor adventures and spark friendships with people who love snow as much as you? We’re active year round, and would love for you to join the club.

      Join or Renew Today

      Whitewater Rafting Trip

      We’re finalizing details for our whitewater rafting weekend at ACE Adventure Resort in West Virginia. Save the date for August 9th-11th, and stay tuned for more details!

      Club Sponsors

      Visit our Club Sponsors page for details on discounts.

    • May 01, 2024 4:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

      I want to express my appreciation for the support and friendship you have shown me over the past two years as your Club President. It’s been a lot of fun! You elected a great slate of Club Officers who will carry us forward as of June, and their duties have already begun. 

      Monday, May 13th, is our last Club Meeting before our summer break. Please bring canned food for the Cooperative Christian Ministry food drive. We’re also sharing details about our Western trips and Crescent Ski Club trips for next winter. Early registration begins June 1st, so renew your club membership today!

      Many events are planned this summer, including a Lake Party on August 24th hosted by Randy Stephenson and me for members. I hope to see you on May 13th!

      ~ Tom Grayson, Club President

      Spring and Summer Events

      We have an array of events lined up, perfect for staying active and connected until the powder returns. From relaxed happy hours to live music and kayaking adventures, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

      Click the graphics for all the details and RSVP today!

      Trip Photo Contests

      Vote for your favorite photos and videos from our Aspen Snowmass, Telluride, Heavenly, and Beaver Creek/Vail trips so we can award cash prizes! 

      • Visit our Facebook page and scroll to the five trip contest posts shared on April 30th. 

      • Vote for your favorites with a like or comment between now and 5:00 PM on May 9th.

      Twelve lucky winners (three from each trip) will receive cash awards at our May 13th Club Meeting.

      Membership Perks

      An annual membership gives you access to all these exclusive benefits:

      Plus, it’s incredibly affordable — only $7.50 for juniors, $30 for a single adult, or $50 for a family. That’s less than $5 a month for your entire household!

      Our new membership year begins June 1st and we include May at no additional cost if you join today, so don’t delay!

      Join or Renew Today

      Western Trips

      We’re finalizing details on our 2024-2025 Western ski trips! Early registration begins June 1st. 

      In the meantime, click the graphics for a sneak peek and use the button below to buy your Ikon Pass at our exclusive group rates before they sell out!

      Ikon Passes

      2024-2025 Club Officers

      Congratulations (and a big thank you) to the following members on your new positions as club officers:

      President: Jace Gates
      Vice President: David Stoner
      Treasurer: John Gardner
      Secretary: Mary Christianson
      Past President: Tom Grayson

      Club Sponsors

      Visit our Club Sponsors page for details on discounts.

    • December 29, 2023 11:15 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

      By Mary Christianson, Past President, Charlotte Ski and Snowboard Club

      As Past President, and as current member of the Nominating Committee, I would love to give a quick overview of club leadership and opportunities. Please read on for the skinny (not to be confused with skinny skis — we’re not THAT kind of club!). The elections are coming up again in April 2024, so it is time to start thinking of where you can fit in. If you want to know more, read the club’s Handbook (club website login required) and feel free to contact me or any of the board members.

      The Charlotte Ski and Snowboard Club (CSSC) is like many nonprofit social clubs — the success of the club depends on the volunteers who manage it, and on the input provided by club members. There are two main ways to volunteer formally: by election to the club’s five-member Executive Board, or by leading a committee. We have committees working all the time on Trips, Newsletter, Social, Racing, Membership, and more—These are organized by the President and operate under the direction of a chairperson who attends board meetings.

      How Much Work Is It?

      So what does that look like, in terms of time and skills? There are monthly board meetings, running about one and a half hours long. (After one and a half hours, cameras start to go dark, and, at least for me, attention turns to Facebook and nail-filing.)

      This is what our board meetings generally look like, using Google Meet or other virtual meeting application, when not meeting in person.

      The expectation is that all elected board members and committee chairs attend and participate; however, life happens and arrangements can be made on the occasions a board member might have to be absent. The President does the heavy-lifting by setting the agenda and moderating the meeting. The sample agenda below shows how much ground can get covered in one meeting.

      A typical CSSC board meeting agenda

      How Much Time Does it Take?

      In addition to the monthly board meetings, each board member and committee chair works in their own area. For many of the positions (elected or committee), just a couple of hours a month do the job. For the President’s position, it can take over 20 hours a month, depending on how organized (and/or obsessive!) you are, and also depending on time of year. The time commitment ranges widely between the committee positions, with Trips committee chair probably having the largest role (5–15 hours a month). However, as an elected board member or committee chair, there are perks! You get to participate in club decision-making, and you get a discount on Club Trips plus free annual membership during service. 

      Four Elected Executive Board Positions

      Since the club was founded in 1963, members of the club have elected four executive board members every Spring: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary (with the fifth executive board position being Past President). A Nominating Committee considers current board members and new candidates, making sure that there is at least one candidate for each of the four elected board positions, and the candidates meet certain basic requirements.

      Please read on for details for each position and requirements, hopefully in the spirit of volunteership! If you aren’t quite prepared to run for one of the positions this spring, then please contact a member of the nominating committee or a board member about apprenticing for a position. Board membership is a great opportunity to learn about the club, to shape its direction and to develop your leadership skills. In my case, I was initially very uncomfortable with public speaking; serving as president helped me to become much more confident with a microphone.

      For each of the elected positions sketched out below, there is a detailed explanation of the role in the club’s Policies and Procedures Handbook (club website login required). 


      Prerequisites: two years active membership; ideally one year as Vice President

      Helpful background: leadership skills, public speaking, connection-making skills

      Typical time needed each month in addition to the monthly board meeting: 30–40 hours

      The President helps set a course for each year of his/her presidency, assigning committees and chairpersons, managing the budget and expenses, overall club communications, setting programs for club meetings, and running board meetings, and ensuring that everything gets done and tracked. Internally, the President leads meetings, resolves conflicts, and promotes a positive and inclusive culture. The President inspires active member involvement and fosters a sense of community within the club. 

      Vice President

      Prerequisites: one year active membership 

      Helpful background: previous CSSC board or committee role, leadership skills or interest, public speaking, people skills

      Typical time needed each month in addition to the monthly board meeting: 10–15 hours

      The Vice President (VP) works with the President, both as assistant and as apprentice, with an eye to filling the role of President in the future. This helps to ensure continuity within the club. In addition, the VP can represent the President in his or her absence. The VP may also assist the Treasurer or Secretary as needed, and as his/her experience allows.


      Prerequisites: one year active membership, demonstrated integrity, corporate management or bookkeeping/accounting background

      Helpful background: finance, accounting or bookkeeping, attention to detail, ability to oversee, manage and track incoming and outgoing payments, proximity to south Charlotte, in order to manage the club’s Post Office box.

      Typical time needed each month in addition to the monthly board meeting: 5–10 hours

      The Treasurer is responsible for accounting and bookkeeping, managing the club physical checkbook (which is still in use in some industries!), reporting monthly on bank and credit account balances, reviewing budgets and managing reimbursements, and filing annual taxes. The Treasurer also picks up, opens, and distributes club mail from the club’s PO Box, or appoints a club representative to do so. 


      Prerequisites: one year active membership, commitment to board meetings 

      Helpful background: writing or editing, file management, attention to detail

      Typical time needed each month in addition to the monthly board meeting: 5–10 hours

      The Secretary keeps the minutes for every board meeting, or delegates to another board member. The Secretary maintains archives of board minutes, all finalized versions of the Bylaws and Handbook, annual Membership lists, a summary of the annual budget, and other important historical records. The Secretary should become familiar with the club bylaws, and ensure that the board follows requirements of notifications to the membership. 

      Why Do Our Nominating Committee Members Think You Should Run?

      Watch our video on YouTube to hear more from Dale, Mary, Alisa, Renee, and Janet!

      What’s In It for Me?

      Please consider either running for one of the positions this year, or setting your sights on a position for future years’ elections. The positions are held for one year, so there are opportunities each year to run, nominate someone else, or simply to learn more about who you would like to set a course for the club for the coming year.


      Q: Who are the current executive board members? 

      A: A list of the current executive board members is on the club website in the About Us section.

      Q: Do we have a list of those who served in the past?

      A: That would be fantastic! Any club member ready to step up to draw this history up? 

      Q: Where can I find a full list of committees and committee chairs?

      A: A list of the current club committees and committee chairs is on the club website in the About Us section.

    • July 27, 2023 2:34 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

      SAM Magazine—Denver, June 28, 2023—Two individual studies released by Snowsports Industries America (SIA) and Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) show positive gains in snowsports participation, and outdoor sports as a whole.

      Snowsports participation increased significantly in non-alpine activities such as winter running and hiking, with 61 percent of survey respondents participating, up from 43 percent in the 2021-22 season, according to SIA’s 2022-23 End of Season Survey. Backcountry alpine touring, including skiing and split-boarding, also saw a large increase, with 30 percent of respondents participating in 2022-23 compared to 17 percent in 2021-22. 

      The survey also found that snowboarding participation increased 10 percent, while downhill skiing participation increased 2.2 percent year-over-year. Cross-country skiing continued its upward trend with participation increasing 9.6 percent from the previous year; snowshoeing was up 17 percent, and snow tubing was up 4.5 percent over 2021-22. 

      The SIA study notes that a greater share of respondents participated in resort skiing in 2022-23 compared to the 2021-22 season, but respondents skied fewer days this season compared to last. 

      Earlier this month, OIA reported in its 2023 Annual Outdoor Participation Trends Report that the outdoor recreation participation base grew 2.3 percent year-over-year to a record 168.1 million participants in 2022. The study shows 80 percent of outdoor activity categories grew in 2022, including large categories like camping and fishing, and smaller categories like sport climbing and skateboarding.

      Overall, outdoor recreation saw a record number of participants, and record high participation rates in 2022. The participation rate tracks the number of individuals engaged in an activity as a percent of the total number of people within a demographic cohort. For instance, 55.1 percent of Americans ages 6 and older participated in outdoor recreation last year, up from 48.4 in 2015.

      However, similar to the SIA findings, the number of outings per participant declined in 2022, the first downward trend since the pandemic began in 2020, according to the study.

      Additionally, the OIA report also found that the new-participant base is becoming more diverse in terms of ethnicity, race, age, and sexual and gender identity. The participation rate for Hispanics, for example, increased from 34 percent in 2015 to 56 percent in 2022, the highest participant growth rate for any single group. 

      The participation rate for African Americans increased more than 5 percent in 2022 to 40.7 percent. LGBTQIA+ participants make up 11 percent of the participant base and are the most active of any adult cohort, according to the study.

      “Industry growth is dependent on attracting and retaining the ‘core’ and increasingly diverse ‘casual’ participant through innovation, valued sustainability practices and pursuing policies for increasing equitable access to the outdoors for everyone,” said OIA president Kent Ebersole.

      The SIA End of Season Survey is conducted online among a panel of active snowsports enthusiasts. Learn more at 

      The 2023 Annual Outdoor Participation Trends Report reflects data gathered during the 2022 calendar year and garnered a total of 18,000 online survey respondents ages six and older. Learn more at

      Visit Ski Area Management's website to read the original article.
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