10959418_807269819339197_7745421576115193224_nNot everything with the Charlotte Ski and Snowboard Club is headed downhill! Sometimes it‘s cross country; sometimes it‘s snowboarding, canoeing, hiking, and sometimes it‘s sailing—but it‘s always fun!

Throughout the season, the club sponsors ski trips to the western part of the U.S., Canada, New England, and even Europe. Most of these trips are value priced and all offer a great opportunity to experience some of the greatest snow skiing in world! These outings offer an opportunity to visit beautiful terrain with spectacular views in the company of a very friendly group of people.

The Charlotte Ski and Snowboard Club is a year-round, sports-oriented organization, which schedules a variety of outdoor events for the benefit of members, Such activities include: snow skiing, snowboarding, white water rafting, bicycle trips, scuba diving trips to the Caribbean, tennis, golf, hiking, canoeing, roller blading, and volleyball— just to name a few. If you are not into skiing or boarding, but enjoy active sports in the company of friendly people, our club has an activity suited to your tastes and is always looking for new ideas. You don‘t have to be an expert skier to enjoy the Charlotte Ski and Snowboard Club. Members range in prowess from expert to beginners, first-timers who would rather be in the lodge sifting by the fire.

The Charlotte Ski and Snowboard Club is a social organization. Each year we sponsor many social activities such as the Holiday Party Semi-Formal Dance, as well as various other dances and parties where members meet and often enjoy a great DJ or live band. As if these organized activities weren‘t enough, our group also has less structured invitations to meet with friends once or twice a month at a favorite watering hole at a Happy Hour Socials.

Thank you to these club officers and board chairs for all they do to keep the club running smoothly and to create fun events, trips and meetings, all on a volunteer basis. Board elections are made at the Member Meeting each December. We invite you to consider where you can best lend a hand!

2018-19 Club Officers and Board Chairs

  • Morgan Mayer – President
  • Raplh Preziosi – Vice President
  • Secretary – David Stoner
  • Treasurer – Brian Swaney

Board Chairs

  • Publicity – Tom Grayson
  • Bylaws – Rod Gatlin
  • Newsletter – Pam Kain
  • Membership – Lynn Wise
  • Racing – Kevin and Dana Cuddihy
  • Socials – Wayne McBrayer
  • Trips – Denver Board
  • Webmaster – Mary Christianson
  • Meeting Programs – vacant
  • Past President – vacant